Briefing papers 2008

2008 Briefing papers

Briefing notes are prepared by Financial Industry Members. For further information on the subjects raised in the briefs, please contact the Chairman, Members or Secretariat of this Committee.


Commodity Trading 2 December 2008

Revision of the UCITS Directive: Towards a Competitive Regulatory Framework for Europe’s Investment Funds 4 November 2008

CRD: understanding the changes – and why? 7 October 2008

Solvency II: outstanding issues 10 September 2008

MiFID implementation 16 July 2008

Supervisory Convergence 8 June 2008

Financial Turbulence: lessons to be learned 8 May 2008

Innovative e-payment solutions: A European perspective 24 March 2008

Financial Education and Financial capability 14 March 2008

EU-US Financial Market Dialogue: the cooperative approach gains steam 26 February 2008