The Forum’s finances


The Forum is a not-for-profit organisation. The annual contributions of industry members are set by the General Assembly. Contributions for 2014 are €8,000 per member. Financial industry representatives who are not members of the Forum may attend on a pay-per-meeting basis subject to the availability of places and on a first come/first served basis. This fee is set at €200 (also see Non-Members Policy).


Members’ contributions cover the organisation of the Forum’s activities, including the costs for luncheons and other events, secretariat remuneration, the website, as well as printing brochures and other materials for publication, and travel (mainly for events in Strasbourg). Office-holders and members of Forum committees, whether from parliament or industry, make their input on a voluntary basis and receive no payment.


Summary of the Forum’s expenses (2013 in €)
Staff expenses 240,326
Office expenditures, rent and insurance 21,992
Telecommunication, IT, website 27,885
Regular events and hostesses 21,749
Special events, publications and website 9,717
Travel and representation costs 4,898
Accounting, audit fees 7,730
Taxes and other financial expenses 2,396
Depreciation office and IT equipment 14,504
Total Costs € 351,197