Presentations 2017

Presentations 2017

These presentations were made at Issues or Market Briefings held by the Forum during the year. Any comments or questions regarding these should be addressed to the presenter.

Capital Markets Union (CMU): Insolvency Law Chapter
Notes from Bob Wessels, Professor Emiritus at University of Leiden

Lunch event on “Action Plan on Retail Financial Services”
Notes from Andreas Przewloka, Operating Head UBS Wealth Management & Operating Head Germany, UBS group AG

25 April 2017 : Lunch event on ‘Capital Markets Union (CMU): Sustainable Finance Chapter’
Notes from Michael Wilkins, S&P Global, Managing Director, Environmental & Climate Risk Research, Global Infrastructure Ratings

21 June 2017 : Lunch event on “Capital Markets Union: Pan-European Personal Product (PEPP) Chapter” Notes from Pierre Bollon, Chief Executive, (AFG), the French Investment Funds and Asset Managers Trade Association
Focus note
AFGs views
EIOPA’s view

29 Septembre  2017 : Lunch event on “ Deepening of EMU by 2025’”
Notes from Dirk Schoenmaker, Senior Fellow, Bruegel

17 October 2017 : Lunch event on ‘Review of the Macroprudential Toolkit in Europe’
Speaking notes Debora Iannuzzi , Head of Solvency II, Group Risk Management at Zurich Insurance Company