Presentations 2003

Presentations 2003

These presentations were made at Issues or Market Briefings held by the Forum during the year. Any comments or questions regarding these should be addressed to the presenter.

The Issuance of Debt Securities
by Melanie Poepping, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft, 7 May 2003

Warrants and Bonds Prospectuses
by Eric Lepine, Société Générale, 7 May 2003

Key issues in the prospectuses directive and in particular Warrants and Bond Prospectuses
by Michel Maquil, President & CEO, Luxembourg Stock Exchange, 7 May 2003

The Role of Rating Agencies in European and Global Financial Markets
by Jeanne-Françoise de Polignac, Standard & Poor’s, 20 May 2003

Rating Agencies
by Paul Taylor, Group Managing Director, Fitch Ratings, 20 May 2003