Special Event 2007 on “Europe’s competiveness: How financial institutions can help deliver it?”

Special Event 2007

Europe’s competitiveness: how financial institutions can help deliver it

15 May 2007, Concert Noble


The 1st EPFSF Annual conference took place in Brussels on 15 May 2007. This event was built on the motivation to gather a variety of public policy stakeholders (European institutions, financial companies, civil society, trade and consumer associations, large corporations, consultants etc.) to discuss the contribution of the financial industry to the EU economy.

The aim of this half-day event was to encourage an informal exchange of ideas on the promotion of an efficient single European market, in the same spirit as the EPFSF monthly meetings which have been bringing together Members of European Parliament and the financial services community since 2000.

The conference consisted of two panels: the first considering the issue of ageing and the role of financial institutions, while the second panel discussed energy-related issues and financial stability.

Informal contacts and questions were encouraged further at a reception after the event, starting at 18.00.

Programme   –   Registered participants


14:00-14:15    Opening of the conference

Peter Skinner MEP

14:15-14:35   Introductory remarks

Dieter Rampl, President , UniCredit

14:35-15:35   Panel: Ageing population and demography: the role of financial institutions

How can financial institutions help to resolve the problems of adequate pensions for an ageing  population in Europe?  Can the financial sector provide effective mechanisms to promote and facilitate inter-generational solidarity? What innovative answers are being looked at? This panel will look at the tools the different market players bring to this major social challenge.

Moderator: Ieke van den Burg MEP
Speakers: Xavier de Bellefon, Group Head of Strategic planning, AXA Download
José Luis Escrivá, Chief Economist, BBVA Download

15:35-16:00    Coffee break

16:00-17:00   Panel: The role of financial instruments in managing energy and climate risk

Energy policy and climate change policy are currently high up the political agenda. The Commission is currently seeking to develop a common energy policy for Europe. Key to its plans will be a move away from the use of fossil fuels toward low carbon energy sources. Amongst the policy tools identified by the Commission is the use of market based instruments, such as the emissions trading scheme (ETS), to encourage energy efficient behaviour and the shift to renewable energy sources.  In a recent Green Paper, the Commission highlighted the ETS, tax incentives, and the use of tradable white certificates as cornerstones of its climate change policy.  Issues debated by the panel will include, the role financial market actors can play in the development and operation of these new markets, and the ways in which financial markets are already helping to promote real incentives to environmentally behaviour.

Moderator: Piia-Noora Kauppi MEP
Speakers: Hugo Bänziger, Member of the Management Board, Deutsche Bank Download
Bert Den Ouden, CEO, APX Group Download
David Kenmir, Managing Director for Regulatory Services, UK Financial Services Authority

17:10 – 17:30   Keynote speech

Joaquin Almunia, Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, European Commission

17:30 – 17:50    Closing speech

Pervenche Bérès MEP, Chair of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, European Parliament

18.00   Reception

Delegates list below

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Joaquin  ALMUNIA, European Commission, Spain
Martti  ANTTINEN, Permanent Representation of Finland to the EU, Finland
Giuseppe  ANZALDI, Regione Siciliana, Italy
Javier  ARIAS, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, Belgium
Rosa  ARMESTO, FESE, Belgium
Mark  ARULIAH, UK Permanent Representation, UK
Wilfred  ASPINALL, Eversheds Financial Services Forum, UK
Aldis  AUSTERS, Permanent Representation of Latvia to the EU, Latvia
Florence  AUTRET, L’AGEFI, France
Karine  BANSARD, European Association Cooperative Banks, belgium
Annalisa  BARBAGALLO, PayPal, Belgium
Peter  BASCH, European Commission, Luxembourg
Daniel  BECK, Mission of Switzerland to the European Union, Switzerland
David  BENNETT, Apcims Easd, UK
Pervenche  BERES, European Parliament, Belgium
Elisa  BEVILACQUA, European Association of Co-operative Banks, Belgium
Erika  BLANCKAERT, EVCA – European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, Belgium
Winfrid  BLASCHKE, European Commission, Belgium
Montaine  BLONSARD, Région Centre, France
Rainer  BODEN, EFR – European Financial Services Round Table, Belgium
Silvia  BOSCH, Permanent Representation of the Fed Rep of Germany, Germany
Bart  BOVERS, ING European Affairs, The Netherlands
Costanza  BUFALINI, UniCredit, Italy
Lodewijk  BUSCHKENS, ICODA, Belgium
Aleš  BUTALA, Ministry of Finance, Slovenija
Hugo  BÄNZIGER, Deutsche Bank, Germany
Alessandra  CASALE, Assonime, Belgium
Lucía  CAUDET, GPlus Europe, Belgium
Isabelle  CHARLIER, Euronext, Belgium
Eve  CHEVILLARD, Maison du Languedoc-Roussillon à Bruxelles (bureau de représentation), France
Jarka  CHLOUPKOVA, European Parliament, Belgium
Matt  CHRISTENSEN, Eurosif, France
Daniele  CIANI, Permanent Representation of Italy to the EU, Belgium
Jeroen  CLICQ, EFRP – European Federation for Retirement Provision, Belgium
Sebastien  COCHARD, BNP Paribas Securities Services, France
Roger  COELHO, Houston Consulting Europe, Canada
Mitchell  COEN, Merrill Lynch, UK
Roger  COGAN, ISDA, Belgium
Michael  COLLINS, United Kingdom Permanent Representation, Belgium
Jennifer  COSCO, Goldman Sachs International, UK
Simon  COTTEE, Commission DG SANCO, Belgium
Chrystelle  DAMAR, Hill&Knowlton, Belgium
Holger  DAUM, Representation of the German Land of Hessen to the EU, Belgium
Howard  DAVIES, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, UK
Dirk  DE BATSELIER, Fortis, Belgium
Xavier  DE BELLEFON, AXA, France
Frederic  DE BROUWER, Societe Generale, France
Gerben  DE NOORD, Standard & Poor’s, France
Bart  DELMARTINO, Fortis, Belgium
Bert  DEN OUDEN, APX Group, The Netherlands
Servaas  DEROOSE, European Commission, Belgium
Denitza  DESSIMIROVA, Permanent Representation of Bulgaria to the EU, Belgium
Gabriela  DIEZHANDINO, EPFSF Secretariat, Belgium
Den  DOVER, European Parliament, UK
David  DOYLE, The Kangaroo Group c/o The European Parliament, Belgium
John-Paul  DRYDEN, EP, Belgium
Gaël  DU BOUËTIEZ, Cabinet Stewart, Belgium
Michel  EBER, Global Insight, France
Uwe  EITELJOERGE, European Commission, Belgium
Jose Luis  ESCRIVÁ, BBVA, Spain
Harald  ETTL, European Parliament, Austria
Emma  FAU, European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA), Belgium
Szablocs  FAZAKAS, EP, Belgium
Larissa  FIEDLER, European Parliament, Belgium
Livia  FIGÀ-TALAMANCA, European Mortgage Federation, Belgium
Jean-Luc  FILIPPINI, General Secretariat of the EU Council, Belgium
Kerstin  FISCHER, RICS, Belgium
Stewart  FLEMING, European Voice, Belgium
Felix  FLINTERMAN, European Commission, Belgium
Sabino  FORNIES, European Commision, Belgium
Luca  FOSSATI, Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE), Belgium
Anne-Laure  FOUBERT, Maison du Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Stephen  FOX, Scotish Executive Eu Office, Uk
Paul  FRAIX, European Commission, Belgium
Sofia  GALIPIENSO, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, Belgium
Annabel  GARNIER, PES group EP, Belgium
Bernhard  GAUSE, German Insurance Association (GDV), Belgium
Marcela  GAYBOR, Fleishman Hillard Brussels, Belgium
Ana  GONÇALVES, European Parliament, Portugal
Gabriela  GOROSTIZA, European Association of Co-operative Banks, Belgium
Isabelle  GOUBIN, Ministère des Finances, Luxembourg
Dalida  GOUMEZIANE, AXA, France
Roger  GRAZEBROOK, Lloyds TSB Group, UK
Maija  HAAS, Deutsche Bank, Belgium
Kajus  HAGELSTAM, Permanent Representation of Finland to the European Union, Finland
Hannu  HALTTUNEN, Nordea Bank Finland Plc, Finland
Judith  HARDT, Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE), Belgium
Sébastien  HASLE, AISAM, Belgium
Manica  HAUPTMAN, ECON, European Parliament, Belgium
Volker  HEEGEMANN, EACB, Belgium
Flora  HERAKLEOUS, Cypriot Ministry of Finance, Cyprus
Carmen  HILARIO, European Parliament, Portugal
Steven  HILL, HBOS, UK
John  HOGAN, Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU, Ireland
Marja  HOKKANEN, Permanent representation of Finland to the EU, Finland
John  HOUSTON, Houston Consulting Europe, UK
Hannes  HUHTANIEMI, European Parliament, Finland
Gunnar  HÖKMARK, European Parliament, Belgium
Viktoria  JAGERSBERGER, UniCredit, Belgium
Marc  JAMET, Euralia, Belgium
Mateja  JANSA, Permanent Representation of the Republic of Slovenia to the EU, Belgium
Nicolas  JEANMART, European Savings Banks Group, Belgium
Robin  JEZEK, City Office in Brussels, Belgium
Axel  JORNS, Bayer SA NV, Belgium
Lie  JUNIUS, ABN AMRO Bank, Belgium
Ute  KALLENBERGER, European Commission, DG MARKT F1, Belgium
Imad  KANJOU AUGE, Fleishman Hillard, Belgium
Piia-Noora  KAUPPI, European Parliament, Finland
Richard  KAYE, JPMorgan, UK
Sabine  KAYSER, EurActiv, Belgium
Iris  KEE, Permanent Representation of the Netherlands with the EU, The Netherlands
David  KENMIR, UK Financial Services Authority, UK
Orla  KERRIGAN, EPFSF Secretariat, Belgium
Peter  KISITU, Partner, Uganda
Viacheslav  KNIAZHNYTSKYI, Mission of Ukraine to the EU, Belgium
Christoph  KOEPPCHEN, AmCham EU, Belgium
Ulrike  KOHL, Hill & Knowlton, Belgium
Daniel  KOSICKI, European Commission, Belgium
Daniel  KRAMER, European Commission, Hungary
Sergiy  KRIUCHKOV, Mission of Ukraine to the EU, Ukraine
Aleksandra  KRYGIEL-NAEL, Policy Action, Belgium
Tihamér  LACZKÓ, European Parliament, Belgium
Jacques  LAFITTE, Aviva, Belgium
Corinne  LAMBERT, Euro Debt Market Association (AMTE), France
Annik  LAMBERT, European Mortgage Federation, Belgium
Elena  LATEMENDIA, European Banking Federation, Belgium
Camille  LE BORGNE, ACFCI – French Chambers of Commerce, France
Anne-Françoise  LEFEVRE, European Savings Banks Group, Belgium
Iris  LEIXNER, Permanent Representation of Austria, Austria
Barbara  LEPLIVIER, Région Haute-Normandie, France
Mattias  LEVIN, European Commission – DG MARKT, Belgium
Janne  LIPPONEN, European Commission, Belgium
Fabrice  LORILLON, AXA, France
Meera  LOUIS, Bloomberg, Belgium
Jørgen  MADSEN, European Parliament, Denmark
Cristina  MARCONI, Apcom, Italy
Daniela  MARILUNGO, Italian Banking Association, Italy
Helmuth  MARTIN, Commerzbank EU Liaison Office, Belgium
Wolfgang  MASCHEK, Western Union, Belgium
Isabelle  MASSONNAT, EURONEXT, Belgium
Agnieszka  MATUSZAK, European Parliament, UK
Stefano  MAZZOCCHI, Intesa Sanpaolo, Belgium
Adam  McCARTHY, Energy Policy Consulting, Belgium
Malcolm  McDOWELL, European Mortgage Federation, Belgium
Manuel  MEDINA, European Parliament, Spain
Inci  METIN, European Federation of Building Societies, Belgium
Jacqueline  MILLS, Leaseurope/Eurofinas, Belgium
Angus  MILNE, Investment Management Association, UK
Maria Concetta  MIRANDA, Italian Banking Association, Italy
Takashi  MIURA, Mission of Japan to the European Union, Japan
Matilde  MODICA, Regione Siciliana, Italy
Eric  MOLSON, Capmex, Belgium
Monica  MONACO, Visa Europe, Belgium
Thomas  MOREL, EPFSF Secretariat, Belgium
Michele  MORENA, EPFSF Secretariat, Belgium
Peter  MUNCH-MADSEN, Association of Danish Mortgage Banks, Belgium
Sabrina  MUSUMECI, Swiss Mission to the EU, Switzerland
Penelope  NAAS, Citi, USA
Koji  NARITA, Mission of Japan to the EU, Belgium
Richard  O’TOOLE, Goldman Sachs International, UK
Achim  OELGARTH, Association of German Banking, Belgium
Sally  PADGET, Prudential Plc, UK
Francesca  PALERMO PATERA, UniCredit Group, Italy
Alberto  PARENTI, European Commission, Italy
Bernadett  PARRAG, City Office in Brussels, Belgium
Eva  PENA, European Commission, Belgium
Marie-Annick  PENINON-BERNARD, EVCA – European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, Belgium
Dorin  PEREU, Independent, Belgium
James  PERHAM-MARCHANT, Standard & Poor’s, UK
Justin  PERRETTSON, EVCA, Belgium
Michaela  PETZ, Land Salzburg, Belgium
Anne-Sophie  PIJCKE, Euronext, Belgium
David  POLLARD, ING European Affairs, The Netherlands
Josephine  PONSFORD, ABI, UK
Anne  POUCHOUS, ABN AMRO – EU Liaison Office, Belgium
Miguel  PUENTE, European Parliament, Belgium
John  PURVIS, European Parliament, Belgium
Michael  QUIGLEY, Sovereign Strategy, Belgium
Lisa  RABBE, Goldman Sachs, UK
Vilma  RADVILAITE, EU Policy and Strategy Advisers, Belgium
Dieter  RAMPL, UniCredit, Germany
Florence  RANSON, European Banking Federation, Belgium
Guido  RAVOET, European Banking Federation, Belgium
David  REED, European Commission, Belgium
John  REGA, Bloomberg News, Belgium
Nicola  REGA, European Consulting Brussels, Belgium
Donald  RICKETTS, Fleishman-Hillard, Belgium
Peter  RIEGER, UniCredit, Belgium
Juan Antonio  RIVIERE, Europan Commission, Belgium
Jorn-Jakob  ROBER, Houston Consulting Europe, Germany
Sandra  ROLING, Plato Kommunikation, Germany
Wilhelm  RUPRECHT, German Insurance Association (GDV), Belgium
Kristian  RØED, EFTA, Belgium
Antolin  SANCHEZ PRESEDO, European Parliament, Belgium
Julian  SCHAUB, Commerzbank AG, Belgium
Alexander  SCHAUB, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Germany
Yvonne  SCHMERFELD, European Parliament, Germany
Henning  SCHOPPMANN, European Association of Public Banks – EAPB, Belgium
David  SCHWANDER, European Association of Public Banks (EAPB), Belgium
Giuseppe  SCOGNAMIGLIO, UniCredit Group, Italy
Maria Elena  SCOPPIO, European Commission, Belgium
Leonardo  SFORZA, Hewitt Associates, Belgium
Roman  SHPEK, Mission of Ukraine to the EU, Ukraine
Frédéric  SIMON, www.euractiv.com, Belgium
Peter  SKINNER, European Parliament, UK
George  SKLAVOS, Ministry of Finance Cyprus, Cyprus
Corinne  SOUBIES, European Federation of Accountants (FEE), Belgium
Kai Gereon  SPITZER, EU Commission, Belgium
Margarita  STARKEVICIUTE, European Parliament, Lithuania
Patrick  STARKMAN, European Parliament, Belgium
Sonja  STARNBERGER, Eurochambres, Belgium
Julia  STAUNIG, GPlus Europe, Belgium
Barbara  STEARNS-BLÄSING, Businesseurope, Belgium
Helga  STEINBERGER, Austrian Raiffeisen Association/RZB Rep., Austria
Andrea  STENGEL, Norsk Hydro, Belgium
Julián  TALENS, Instituto Valenciano de Finanzas., Spain
Bogdan  TASNADI, Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU, Romania
Catherine  TAYLOR, Europe’s World, Belgium
Stanislav  TELEGIN, Mission of Russia to the EC, Russia
Libuša  TENCEROVA, EPFSF Secretariat, Slovakia
Elemér  TERTAK, European Commission, Belgium
Hendrik  THEUNISSEN, Cabinet Flemish Minister Foreign Policy, Belgium
Gerassimos  THOMAS, European Commission, Belgium
Ansgar  TIETMEYER, Deutsche Bank AG, Belgium
Antti  TIMONEN, EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament, Finland
Triin  TOBRELUTS, Permanent Representation of Estonia to the EU, Belgium
Daniel  TRINDER, Goldman Sachs International, UK
Konstantin  TROFIMOV, Mission of Russia to the EC, Russia
Cinzia  TURRI, Regione Sardegna, Italy
Corinna  ULLRICH, European Commission, Belgium
Ieke  VAN DEN BURG, European Parliament, The Netherlands
Karel  VAN HULLE, European Commission, Belgium
Geert  VAN LERBERGHE, Febelfin, Belgium
Mark  VAN WYNSBERGE, Fortis Bank, Belgium
Philippe  VANDENDAELE, Ernst & Young, Belgium
Zuzana  VAVROVA, ECON Secretariat, European Parliament, Belgium
Mercedes  VELA MONSERRATE, European Parliament, Belgium
Philippe  VIGNERON, Représentation permanente de la Belgique près l’UE, Belgium
Artem  VOITOVYCH, Mission of Ukraine to the EU, Ukraine
Henning  VOM STEIN, ThyssenKrupp AG, Belgium
Birgit  WEISE-MONTAG, European Commission, Belgium
Linda  WERNER, Europia, Belgium
Laurence  WHITE, European Commission, Belgium
Aoife  WHITE, Associated Press, Belgium
Alexander  WIJNBERGEN, ABA b.v., The Netherlands
Herbert  WOOPEN, Dresdner Bank, Germany
Christina  WÜHRER, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Belgium
Ihor  YAREMENKO, Mission of Ukraine to the EU, Ukraine
Francesco  ZANELLA, Comité Européen des Assurances, Belgium
George  ZAVVOS, European Commission, Belgium