Seminar 8: Economic role of banks in financial intermediation

Seminar 8: Economic role of banks in financial intermediation

16 April 2015, 16:00 – 18:00, European Parliament, room 6Q1 (building Jozsef Antall)

The EPFSF training sessions for MEP assistants are designed to deliver a deeper understanding of financial markets and services. Against the backdrop of ongoing parliamentary debate over potential banking structural reform measures, this seminar will expalin the purpose and nature of the services that banks provide to different economic actors, to finance their economic activity and help manage the risks arising from such activities. The seminar will also deal with the main aspects of the proposal to reform the banking sector and their possible interaction with recent policy initiatives such as the EU Investment Plan and the forthcoming Capital Markets Union.


16:00   Introduction

16:05   How does bank activity relate to financing the real economy and to properly manage its risks?

– Corporate financing
– Market making
– Securitisation
– Derivatives / Hedging

17:00   How do banks finance themselves?

– Balance sheet funding and management
– A reference to proprietary trading

17:30   Reform of the banking sector and the growth, competitiveness & employment agenda

17:55   Q&A

18:00   End of session

Moderator: Enrique Velazquez, Head of Public Affaires, European Banking  Federation

Panel of speakers:

Antoine Jacquemin, Global Head of Market Risk Advisory Group, Corporate & Investment Banking, Société Générale
Caitriona O’Kelly, Head of Treasury Regulation, Deutsche Bank
Lau Veldink, Special Advisor Financial Markets / Commercial Banking, ING