Financial Industry Members

The Forum is supported by a Financial Industry Committee which is broadly representative of the financial services industry in the EU. Its role is to make suggestions on the programme of events, to provide speakers, assist in the drafting of briefing papers and set the level of member contributions in order to finance the Forum’s activities.
Mr Julien Jardelot
Ms Anja Käfer-Rohrbach
Mr Olivier Boutellis-Taft
Mr Alexander Bogensperger
Mr Johannes Rehulka 
Mr Cian Rice
Mr Carey Evans
Mr Joseph McHale
Mr Nick Collier
Mr Thilo Schweizer
Ms Noémie Francheterre
Mr Morten Schjøtz-Pedersen
Ms Helen McDonald
Mr Johannes Pockrandt
Ms Ilse Peeters
Mr Martijn Vliegenthart
Ms Johanneke Weitjens
Mr Michael O’Shea
Mr Nicolas Jeanmart
Ms Francesca Passamonti
Mr Richard Kaye
Mr Ludovic Aigrot
Mr Matti Leppälä
Mr Burkhard Eckes
Mr David Henry Doyle
Mr Hugues Saillard
Mr Sven Kasper
Mr Christophe Bonte
Ms Costanza Bufalini
Mr Alexander Schindler
Mr Roeland van der Stappen
Ms Loreta Liutkute
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