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The European Parliamentary Financial Services Forum facilitates and strengthens the exchange of information on financial services and Europe’s financial markets between the financial industry and Members of the European Parliament.

October 2018 – Press release

Othmar Karas, MEP, Chair

Othmar Karas

“When the financial crisis hit Europe our Union faced an enormous challenge. Today, the Euro is stronger than before 2008. The over 40 measures that we have adopted together during and after the crisis have contributed to stabilise markets and restore confidence. However, we are not finished with drawing the lessons from the crisis and we need to continue to strengthen our Economic and Monetary Union. To effectively address the various challenges in financial markets legislation a constructive exchange of views with all stakeholders is indispensable. Practice-oriented legislation needs dialogue! As Chairman of the EPFSF I am looking forward to a fruitful and successful continuation of the exchange and debate between the EU Institutions and the various representatives of the financial sector via the well-established and recognised EPFSF.”


Wim Mijs, Chair

Wim Mijs

“I’m greatly honoured by the trust placed in me and look forward to taking over from Peter, who steered the EPFSF through times of profound regulatory changes for the European Financial Services Industry. As Europe remains faced with major challenges ahead, promoting a solid and competitive European Financial sector – able to finance growth in the context of increasing defiance against Europe and the Single Market – will feature high on the EPFSF agenda and events going forward. To this end, the EPFSF will strive to re-invent itself in view of the new EU Parliament, and foster the key relationship the EPFSF and its members built with the parliamentarians.”

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